We are an importer of small electrical goods and accessories for computers, laptops, servers and phones. Additionally we supply a range of modules and accessories for Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices. Our expertise in product sourcing and trade links with firms from around the globe allow us to maintain low prices whilst our lifetime warranty on our products gives peace of mind to consumers. All of our products are sold under our registered brand name ‘Eastern Computers’.

Our Products

Our most popular product line is our keyboard stickers which may be used to change the characters on the keys allowing one to quickly and easily change the language of keyboard. We stock a wide array of languages and colours for all purposes. We also stock a range of low cost port expansion cards for desktop computers and other small accessories. Finally we supply a variety of sensors and other small modules for use with the Arduino microcontroller. To view our full product list please select ‘Products’ on the menu above. To start an order please contact us with order quantities and shipping requirements for a full quote.

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